Setting Your Outsourcing Goals


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When we do not have the time to take care of a certain area of our busy lives, we look for someone who can help, someone who is skilled to and who we can afford to pay. Whether it is help with the cleaning, childcare or DIY, seeking help has been part of our home life, it shouldn’t be any different from our business life.

Before you take the next steps in outsourcing, set a list of goals. Consider all aspects of the outsourcing lifestyle particularly with regard to:

  • The overall objectives of the deal. Do you want to reduce overall business costs by 10 percent or increase productivity? If you are looking to expand your business, have a clear outline of expectations over the next year and realistic expectations of how offshore staff can help.
  • The costs that will be incurred and the financial benefits that can be delivered.

Discuss your goals with your Deployed adviser and how they can help put them into fruition.

To get the most from your outsourcing experience, it is important to identify the current problems you are facing with your business.


You may want to expand your business but the cost of hiring skilled workers in your area may not be allowing you to do so. Talk to a Deployed adviser about how you can reduce business costs by outsourcing to the Philippines.

Work load

Your company may be growing but tasks such as data entry and administrative duties are consuming the time of your skilled and expensive workers. Our staff in Manila are fully trained to handle all administrative and office duties freeing up your domestic staff to concentrate on their areas of expertise.


Many business owners are frustrated with the lack of skilled workers available to them. It is one of the largest causes of outsourcing. The Philippines has a high number of highly skilled graduates in graphic design, web design and digital marketing. Outsourcing these tasks will cost much less than hiring locally without sacrificing skill and quality.


You may have a team of highly skilled employees but you are not happy with the quality of their work. Filipinos take pride in their work. Our testimonials are proof of the quality of work being achieved. Deployed will keep you up to date with staff progress through performance reviews and implementing individual training plans where needed.

Deployed can answer any of your outsourcing questions and help you take the next steps in building a remote team in the Philippines.





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