Shaping Company Culture Across Global Teams


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One of the biggest factors in building a successful business is creating an inclusive and committed culture amongst your staff. We focus a lot of our time and resources towards building an environment for your teams to thrive in, however, it is also very important for you to encourage a culture between both your remote and local team.

Culture is not something that’s easily built and it requires constant attention but when achieved, your staff will feel accepted and valued. This will ultimately lead to a better quality of output and a more committed and invested workforce.


Lead the direction

Your teams will be made up of an amalgamation of personalities but it’s important that you determine the culture that you want for your business. Your culture should tie in with your goals and values and should be clearly communicated to both teams. As your business continues to grow, ensure you reevaluate and update these values accordingly.

Once your company’s culture has been determined, it must be permeated into every decision and action carried out by management. From the hiring process to communication and team lunches, the defined company culture must be enforced and widely accepted.


Improve communication

A large part of building a strong and positive culture is the interaction between employees. This is easy for employees in your local office as they are able to interact seamlessly. Whether it’s sliding over to their neighbours’ desk or informal watercooler chat, culture is built through these casual interactions.

It is important to encourage informal communication between teams. Use email for work-related communication and set up an instant messaging platform as a virtual watercooler. Schedule regular video meetings between your two offices to discuss matters in real time, whether it’s project-based or introduction of a new staff member.  

When you implement clear and inclusive communications channels, your two offices will not only function better but also it will break down the ‘them and us’ mentality that can arise.


Share successes (and failures)

Regularly update your staff with achieved milestones and celebrate successes with both your local and remote team. When people feel like they are integral to a business’ success, they are more motivated to perform to help you reach their goals.

If your local team is celebrating a birthday or enjoying a long lunch, encourage your remote team to do the same and exchange photos.


Trust and accountability is vital

Trust is a massive part of any organisation’s culture. In most situations, work is completed individually even when conducted as a team. When employees are trusted and held accountable for their own projects they feel empowered and are more focused on making it a success. This behaviour can be reinforced by providing regular feedback about their achievements and learnings.


Instilling trust in your remote office is one of the quickest ways to build your ideal culture.

If you would like to help foster a positive culture for your remote team, contact us today and we will be happy to offer further advice.

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