Sharing the Load: How to Delegate Effectively


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For many business leaders, one of the toughest things about growing a business is opening the business up and trusting other individuals to come on board and push the business forward. While, some may resist, as your business grows, many will quickly realise that you are not capable of doing everything yourself.

Whether you decide to hire someone locally or remotely, delegating will have a massive impact on the future success of your business. Yet, it is something that should not be taken lightly. If you are at this point, consider the following.

Who will you pick?
Ensuring you choose the right person or team to bring on board is the key to effective delegation and achieving a successful result. If you are a bit of a control freak who enjoys having complete visibility over everything, you will need to pick someone that you are 100% confident in.

When you expand your team or someone’s role, remember that in most cases, you are bringing on a professional, who is probably more experienced and talented at that task then you are.

Ideally, this should give you the peace of mind that the task will be completed to the highest standard. Allowing you to concentrate on working on your business and not worrying about whether the task is being completed or not.

Open up communication channels
From day one, establishing clear and open communication channels between yourself and your new employee is an absolute must. The success of your working relationship and any projects concerned will largely depend on how well you are able to communicate.

It is critical you build clear lines of communication up from the first day your new employee comes on board. Be upfront about your expectations, requirements and any other information that could be of importance to their job.

If you are looking at partnering with Deployed to establish a remote team in the Philippines, your ability to communicate and share ideas and information will drastically shape how successful your team will be. With communication technology now so advanced, there really are no boundaries that should affect these lines of communication. Allowing you to benefit from effective and unimpeded sharing of ideas and information. 

Always be on hand
Once you have successfully handed over responsibility, it is important you are able to take a step back and let them figure things out themselves. But, this does not mean you get to completely forget about the tasks. Instead, it means you simply just have to be on hand when they need you.

While it may be hard to let go, the entire reason you sought someone to take over the role was so you can focus on other aspects of your business, so remember that. Plus, if you are constantly looking over their shoulder, chances are the quality of work will struggle and they will find it hard to get the ball rolling.

Instead, manage them from a high-level by checking in periodically, answer any questions or problems, and review any major pieces of work. This will ensure your new employee will be able to make the position their own while allowing you to maintain complete visibility without being overbearing.

Be understanding
While bringing on someone new will ultimately free up your time in the long run, in the early stages, do not be surprised if you are spending a bit of extra time managing your new team member.

You may find that you spend a lot of time answering questions, running training sessions or reviewing work. This is just a natural part of bringing on a new employee or building a remote team. The best thing you can do is to be patient and understanding as they become more acquainted with their new role.

Delegating is a fine art and while it may not be in your repertoire now, if you want your business to grow and reach new heights, you will need to add it. Whether you decide to expand locally or with Deployed, there will come a point when you need to let go a bit and trust someone to manage certain tasks.

If you are in a position where you are looking to expand and bring on new staff members, make sure you get in touch. At Deployed, we are able to connect local businesses with talented and experienced employees here in the Philippines.

Get in touch today and let us help you take your business to the next level.

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