Small Finances – No Problem! Grow Your Business Without the Large Investment


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Business success does not have to come from a large financial investment. Many small businesses have grown from hard work, determination and thinking outside the box.

Like many small businesses, you may be the sole hire of the company and you will quickly find that the burden of tedious yet important tasks can prevent you from focusing on the core business functions and growing your business. The answer is to hire more employees, but with limited finances and restricted office space, you may find yourself in a catch-22 situation.

Do you know you can grow and expand your business without having to find expensive office rentals and all the overheads that come with it?

Deployed offers airconditioned offices in the busy business district of Manila. The offices are equipped with the latest technologies and fast speed internet. If you have a computer, internet and Skype or messaging service, you are fully equipped to start building your remote team.

Is building a remote team time-consuming?

A remote team are your virtual office so they will need to be treated the same. This will require initial and ongoing time investment for daily or weekly catch ups, reports and feedback. It is up to you how much time you want to invest in your team but we do recommend regular communications to get the most out of them.

Am I still in control of my business?

Your Manila team are your staff. They are employed by Deployed but hired by you and work for you. We take control of the HR, but you still make all your business decisions.

What type of work can I outsource?

You can outsource functions that you do not have the time to do or are not skilled to do. You can employ one member of staff to take care of your mundane tasks such as bookkeeping and data entry or a whole team to cover your web development, design and ongoing communications.

Are staff in the Philippines skilled and educated?

YES! There are close to half a million talented and enthusiastic graduates entering the workforce each year. Universities have even developed courses and qualifications specifically aimed at outsourcing. Filipinos speak excellent English with a soft American accent, making communication easy. We do not hire or recommend people for a role if they do not have sufficient experience. More importantly, the final hiring decision comes down to you.

What are the costs of outsourcing?

The combination of a highly skilled workforce and low costs have made the Filipino workforce invaluable to many multinational companies. You can access trained and competent staff for a fraction of the price of a local team, and without all the overheads of an office rental.

What next?

If you would like to see the benefits that outsourcing can bring to your small business, contact a Deployed officer today.


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