Take Your Business to the Next Level by Outsourcing Content Creation


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In a world where consumers turn to the internet for everything, content is king. It is now more important than ever to have relevant, exciting and engaging content on your digital platforms.

The benefits of having quality content across your digital platforms are endless. Some of the key benefits include providing an excellent platform to share your business story and connect with your customers, the ability to strengthen your brand’s reputation with the added value of improving your SEO rankings.

Content comes in many forms, such as informational blogs, social media posts, videos or eDMs. One thing is for sure, the best way to stand out is to provide high-quality content.

However, in order to create content that is both engaging and profitable, it is important your business views it as a full-time operation. Not something that can be done on the side. For many companies that may not have the resources to undertake this task, outsourcing your content creation is the best way to satisfy this essential need.

It requires a unique skill set

Creating high-quality content is not easy and it is not as simple as putting words on a page. At a higher level, it is about understanding your target audience, market research, implementing a strategy and then creating the content that aligns with those factors.

Because of this, it is important you have a skilled professional who is adept at not only writing but has the ability to understand the market.

Outsourcing allows you to tap into a workforce of skilled and experienced marketing professionals. Whether you want to start small, by bringing on a social media guru to manage your social platforms or an entire team of content creators.

It can be time-consuming

Like all aspects of business, the more time you allocate to something, the better the results will be.

Quality content can not be created in 10-minutes. In order to create meaningful and engaging content, which will keep your target audience interested, considerable time must be allocated.

Your in-house staff will have the expertise and knowledge necessary to create this content but do they have the time? Outsourcing your content creation will ensure that it is effectively managed and released. Ensuring that creating a weekly blog or posting on social media isn’t pushed back because an important meeting pops up.

Content for every purpose

There are countless forms of content that can be created. With each, arguably, needing to be implemented as part of a comprehensive marketing strategy.

However, businesses may not have the time or resources available to implement them all. Instead, being forced to choose a selected few.

Outsourcing content creation allows you to tap into each platform meaning you won’t need to choose between a regular blog and Facebook ads. Instead, building a team with Deployed will allow your business to benefit fully from each platform, whether it is automated emails, Facebook or LinkedIn posts, and AdWords.

Also, with a specialised team, you will have the ability to experiment with each platform. Giving you the luxury of finding the best way to target your customers with each piece of content.

Get the most out of your budget

Hiring local marketing professionals who are skilled and experienced in creating excellent content, isn’t cheap, and as businesses start to realise the importance of this aspect, competition is becoming increasingly fierce.

Most of the time, businesses are faced with the decision to either pay a hefty amount for a marketer or delegate it to someone within the businesses.

Outsourcing is not only a great means of creating high-quality content but allows you to get it done in an affordable and often discounted rate. Outsourcing to the Philippines will allow you to hire a marketing professional at roughly 40% less than locally.   

Because of this, it is an extremely cost-effective and efficient way to optimise this task. Additionally, due to  the relatively cheap labour costs, outsourcing is highly scalable.

At Deployed, we have helped a number of Australian and New Zealand businesses improve their digital presence thanks to offshoring marketing teams.

If you would like to discover how outsourcing can help to solve your staffing needs, regardless of operation, contact us today.

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