Take Back Your Time: The Tasks You Should Outsource, Right Now


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Chances are when you look at your to-do list, many of us often ask ourselves, “how will I fit everything in?” It always seems like there is never enough time to tick everything off our to-do list.

As the leader of your business, you need to be laser-focused on ensuring the business is constantly improving and creating revenue, not on the general back-of-house tasks. If you are finding most of your day is spent on time-consuming tasks that could be done by someone else, it is time to make a change, it is time to outsource those tasks.

Here are five common back-of-house tasks that either take up the majority of your time or do not get enough attention that could be managed by a skilled remote team.

Low-skilled jobs

One of the best ways to take back your time and focus on the core aspects of your business is by taking all those low-skilled, rudimental tasks off your plate and building an admin support team with Deployed.

While tasks such as reporting, file organisation, competitor or market research and calendar maintenance, are important, they are also fairly time-consuming. If you require your local staff to be responsible for managing these tasks your business run’s the risk of either having these tasks completely forgotten about, neglected, or worse, wasting valuable time which could be better used elsewhere.

Building a remote admin team will ensure that all these tasks are managed appropriately, while allowing your staff to focus on what matters, creating revenue for the business.

SEO management

In today’s online world, where people find and connect with businesses based on search engine results, your business can not afford to suffer from poor search engine rankings. To counter this, we are able to source highly skilled and experienced SEO guru’s who are able to make a drastic impact in your business’ search engine rankings and generally improve your online presence.

There is so much that goes into managing a businesses SEO functions, including backlinking, keyword optimisation, data analytics and copywriting. However, unless you are an expert in the world of SEO and SEM, chances are your business is falling behind the eightball and potentially losing visibility to prospective customers. Businesses across the globe are now realising that outsourcing is by far the most effective way to increase their SEO functions and ratings.

Payroll and bookkeeping

Regardless of its size, managing a business’ payroll and bookkeeping tasks are potentially the most time-consuming part of being a business owner. Whether it is paying staff on time, reconciling the books or lodging tax returns, overseeing the accounts is taking you away from growing your business.

Obviously, these are all critical functions to the success of your business, because as we know cashflow and revenue make a business tick. But, these are tasks that take some time to do right, and if you are limited on time, issues and complications can arise.

Avoid running into issues such as incorrect tax returns, underpaid staff or inaccurate books due to a lack of time and resources. Build a reliable remote accounting team to manage all the heavy lifting for you. So all you have to do is look at the reports and flag anything that may be an issue.

Social media marketing

Like it or not, social media has become a very useful tool for businesses, and in most cases, a must have. It allows us to connect with our customers in more ways than ever before. We can provide speedy customer support, interact with them and build a loyal community of repeat customers.

In order to build a social media presence that is capable of producing results and driving customer engagement, you need to actively invest in it. Social media management and marketing are not tools that you can turn on and let them work in the background. They will require constant attention to optimise your offerings, talk to your community and draw people in.

This can not be achieved if you are too focused on other aspects of the business. For most business owners and leaders, they understand the importance of social media. However, they do not have the resources to meet these needs. Building a remote marketing team with Deployed will take care of these pain points.


Outsourcing is a wonderful tool for businesses who are looking to gain a competitive edge within their marketplace. When conducted properly with a trusted and capable outsourcing provider, such as Deployed, outsourcing has the power to completely transform your business.

If you are in a situation where your business is looking to speed up its trajectory, get in touch with us today. At Deployed, we pride ourselves on helping Australian and New Zealand business take on the world.

Let’s talk about how Deployed can help you.

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