The Art of Delegation


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You’re only human, you can’t do everything. A good leader knows delegating effectively is key to maximising productivity. 

Manage tight deadlines and growing workloads with our tips on how to delegate:

Learn to let go

This is a biggie. Letting go of your own work can be tricky, especially when you feel others won’t execute the work to the level you could. This is where trust comes into play. Start with small tasks, learn who is good at what and go from there. 

Play to strengths

As a team leader, you should come to learn the skill sets of your team. Handing over a task to someone without the relevant skill set is a waste of everyone’s time. Many bosses will just hand over to someone based on a light workload. If you want to delegate effectively, consider an individual’s aptitude. 

Have a system 

Things will feel a lot easier to let go of if you have a process for how you prioritise. Categorising tasks according to the degree of effort they require is one way of doing this. With this in place, you can ensure highest-skilled tasks stay on your desk.

Instruct clearly

It might seem obvious to you, but that doesn’t mean it’ll be plain sailing elsewhere. Specifics matter if you want a task completed correctly, so be clear in what you want done and when you want it done by. Managing expectations in this way will keep all parties happy and see the work done right. 

Feedback, feedback, feedback

Feedback works both ways. If your staff have excelled or fallen short, tell them. On the flip side, invite your team to share their feedback on how you delegate. This is your chance to see whether you’re providing all the information you should be, and whether you’re giving the right jobs to the right people.

Outsource where necessary

If there isn’t an obvious person to delegate to, that doesn’t mean the task can’t be assigned. Outsourcing is a modern solution that many companies are using to solve their workload needs. 

At Deployed, we work alongside our clients to find the right people for your organisation. Your business will have a dedicated account manager to oversee all operational and personnel requirements, taking the stress out of your search. We have everything covered for you, and ensure a smooth onboarding process.

Get in touch today to learn more and see how we can take your business to the next level.

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