The Importance of Your Onboarding Processes


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Bringing on new employees is always an exciting time. New employees always bring fresh energy, new perspectives and skill sets, and signals to your staff that the business is growing.

It is arguable that the most important part of hiring someone new is not the recruitment process but the onboarding process. This is due to the fact that anyone can look good on paper and have the required experience level, however, if they do not have a stable platform to build from all that is useless. This is especially true for businesses that are establishing or growing their remote team.

It is no secret that outsourcing is an amazing tool. One that is capable of transforming just about any business. However, for outsourcing to truly become a profitable part of your business, you need the sound onboarding processes that will allow your new team members to succeed.

Unfortunately, we have heard a number of times, how due to a lack of quality onboarding processes remote operations have failed or produced lack-lustre results. At Deployed, we do everything we can to help with new employee onboarding. Our approach is to manage all the time-consuming back-of-house HR and admin tasks, such as organising office space, IT and technology needs and managing all legal requirements. Which means you can focus on running a quality onboarding process.

Every business’ onboarding process will be different. But, in our experience, there are several core features that every business should include.

A business playbook

While this is great to have for all hiring, local or remote, we feel it is especially key for onboarding remote employees. Having a playbook that gives employees a clear picture of your company, will set them off on the right path.

Things to include in your companies playbook are an overview of the company including strategic mission and goals, personalised login details, team bios including photos and any information that is specific to their role or department.

Send this out to your new employee before their first day. That way you give them time to digest the information, ask questions and familiarise themselves with their new co-workers. This means, on their first day, you can focus on getting straight to business, not going through the inner-workings of the company.

A 90-day plan

The key to success, in any situation, is preparation and planning. Set your new employee up for success by creating a straight-forward 90-day plan for them.

What this will do, is clearly outline their start point, the activities they need to undertake and where they should be by the end of that 90-day. Use it as a tool to hold, both, you and your new employee accountable to make sure this plan is being followed. And thus, they are producing the desired results.

Regular meetings

Make sure you set aside time on a regular basis to catch up with your new employee or at least for them to meet with their direct supervisor.

Having regular catch ups in the first few months of employment is key. It will let both parties provide feedback and discuss the progress of your new team member. Hopefully, the result of these meetups will be that they are comfortable with the work and progressing nicely.

These meetings will also allow you to get a greater insight into who your new employee is on a personal level. Not everything has to be about business. Thus, make an effort to learn what makes your new employee tick.


Onboarding is one of your business’ most important processes and one that you should make a real effort to design and improve as your business grows. Because your ability to create a strong platform for new employees to succeed from could be the difference between them staying and becoming important pieces of your business, or leaving after a few months.

We make a real effort to help our clients with all of their onboarding processes when they hire new employees. We look after all of the back-of-house tasks so you can focus on setting them up properly, we can even advise and help you design your onboarding processes if needed.

If you would like to discuss how Deployed can help your business, do not hesitate to get in touch today.

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