The Value of Gratitude in Business


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A little appreciation goes a long way, we all know that. 

And yet, when it comes to business, the expression of gratitude can often get lost.

Giving thanks creates connections. In life, yes. In the workplace, perhaps even more so. In a world of job-hoppers, cultivating a culture of recognition can drive employee retention, engagement, and fulfills a fundamental need for human belonging.

It is this sense of belonging that sits at the heart of the Philippine society. From home-life to the workplace, an instilled value of family, inclusion and helping others underlines all they do. And if whatever you focus on expands, then The Philippines have succeeded in building a country of gratitude, and a psychological shift towards a more human workplace. 

Other countries can learn from this. Because as the working environment in which we operate in becomes more complex, we need to remember to take time to understand the benefits of gratitude. How it feeds into the higher human need to belong to something greater than him or herself; to have a sense of meaning at work. 

With studies showing that gratitude promotes significant increase in motivation, even small act of appreciation can help cement key professional relationships. According to an employee appreciation survey by Glassdoor, 53 percent said they would stay longer at a company if they felt more appreciation from their boss. In essence, making appreciation tangible has big business benefits.

Because contrary to popular belief, emotion does have a place in the workplace. It is with emotion and compassion, that we build memorable bonds that transcend business relationships. 

So, ask yourself: who are you grateful for today? Take action. Tell them. See your business thrive.

At Deployed, we are committed to helping businesses grow. We do everything we can to help develop your team in our fully-equipped and modern Manila offices at the heart of The Philippines’ business district. 

If you would like to hear more on how Deployed can help your business scale up, get in touch today.

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