Tips for an Effective Performance Review for Remote Staff


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Performance reviews are best practice in any office, in any industry. And while approaches differ from organisation to organisation, the principles of how to talk with an employee remain fairly consistent – openly and professionally. 

For a performance review to be effective, structure is vital. We recommend the following: 

  • Solicit feedback from fellow colleagues
  • Plan agenda and points to be covered
  • Share agenda with employee
  • Discuss positives
  • Discuss areas for improvement
  • Set goals and how employee plans to achieve them
  • Schedule next performance review

You want an employee who is motivated and excited about their ability to continue to grow, develop and contribute to your team, so use performance reviews as a chance to really understand what it is they want. Conversation is key.

At Deployed

In the Philippines, a 6 month probation period is standard practice. Within these first 6 months, we guide you through a 2 and 4 month review.

Culturally, these reviews are imperative to your relationship with staff. They identify issues early, motivate employees and keep communication open.

Our HR team are here to help you every step of the way with the process, ensuring your remote staff know exactly what to expect and can help you schedule in time to make sure goals are set and worked towards. 

Once past the probation period, we recommend an annual review. This is an opportunity to engage with your remote staff member, setting KPIs for the year that are both reasonable and relevant. 

Making time to check in with these KPIs quarterly will course-correct if they are going off track. Our HR team has the experience needed to ensure these sessions are mutually beneficial for both manager and employee – building both trust and structure in your relationship. Keen to take the time to make time for your staff?

Understand the benefits of an extended offshore team with Deployed today and contact one of our team today.

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