6 Tips for Conducting a Video Interview Overseas


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In a digital age, the world is a much smaller place, and this filters through to how we do business. Or in this case, how we hire.

At Deployed, we take the effort out of finding the right people, but there will be a point in the hiring process where you will need to conduct a video interview with our top candidates.

Moreover, as we become more and more reliant on technology, learning to conduct a good video interview will become a highly valuable skill to have. Below, we have compiled our top tips for making sure you get the most out of the interview process. 


Set yourself up

Similar to face-to-face interviews, your interviewee is analysing you as much as you are analysing them. Pick a professional setting that represents the company, and know the technology you are using.


Be prepared 

Preparation is key. More than face-to-face, a video interview requires structure. Prepare a list of questions, and have a clear understanding of what you want to get out of your meeting with the candidate. Going off-cuff is bound to happen, but always come back to your structure, so you don’t miss any important points. 


Double check the time

This may seem obvious, but time zones can trip up even the most conscientious of us. Know the time both in your country and the Philippines and when scheduling the interview, specify both times so everyone is clear. At Deployed, we can aid this process and ensure both parties are aligned. 


Be aware of cultural differences

Filipinos are often conflict-averse and taught to be deferential when speaking to professional superiors. This could mean them being very softly spoken or them agreeing with all statements. What can be interpreted as a lack of confidence is actually the candidate being respectful. Consider this when phrasing your questions.


Record the interview 

There are a number of plug-ins that will allow you to record your call. Recording the interview has many benefits, including a reviewal process post-interview and saving you from taking notes during, allowing you to focus your energy on getting a feel for the candidate as a person. If you unsure of how to set this up, your Deployed advisor will be able to help.


End it right 

Similar to a face-to-face set up, sign off the interview with a clear indication of next steps. Doing this helps your potential employee know what to expect next, and gives them an idea of an appropriate time to follow up. 


When outsourcing with Deployed, the video interviewing process is easy. We work alongside you to bring the perfect hire onboard, and ensure the interviewing process goes as smoothly as possible. Frustrations are minimal, and the process if clear-cut with a clear pathway for both you, and the candidate. 

To better understand how Deployed can help you find the ideal person for your organisation, contact us today. 

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