Top 5 Tips to Increase Productivity in Offshore Teams


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As outsourcing becomes more and more valuable to businesses across the globe, guidance on how best to handle offshore staff is increasingly needed. 

Getting the best out of your team comes with its challenges. But with the right management strategies and support in place, the work will get done.

At Deployed, we pride ourselves on assembling strong teams for you and helping our clients navigate the best management style for them. Below, we share a few of our key tips for getting the best out your team:

1. Daily roundup meetings

Start off each day on a good note with a meeting to make sure your team is focused on the tasks at hand. Bringing key group members together and putting them in the mindset for a productive day is a great way to communicate priorities. In addition, it keeps everyone aligned with strong communication, and all corners covered.

2. Show gratitude and reward 

A simple ‘thank you’ is often overlooked in business. Maximising productivity with your team overseas stems from your team feeling appreciated. Even simple gestures of gratitude have a part to play, and encourage long-term dedication and higher levels of motivation.

3. Encourage accountability

Online collaboration tools are great for this: Dropbox, Google Drive, Basecamp. Collaboration via these tools encourages your team to maintain their tasks, with visibility across the board. We have found those employees more accountable for their workload are more productive, and more invested in the holistic nature of projects. 

4. Keep everyone on the same page

Time zones and physical distance can be tricky to navigate to begin with. Make sure you take the time to ensure your entire team is aligned with tasks, goals, and expectations. These can be discussed/established in the daily roundup meetings. 

5. Use video chat technology

We live in an age of incredible technology – use it to your advantage! Tools like Skype and Zoom make meetings and roundups super easy and help employees associate names with faces. Emails and text only goes so far – video calls create a sense of community that is difficult to achieve through the written word.

At Deployed, we know exactly what it takes to get your offshore team excited and ready to do their everything for your business. Our HR team is dedicated to hand-holding you (and your employees) as long as needed.To discover what we can do for you, get in touch today.

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