Top five outsourced roles


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Thinking about outsourcing but aren’t really sure how to do it or what it entails? Deployed will take you through the process step-by-step, it’s our job to make it as simplistic as possible.

The outsourcing market in the Philippines is currently the second biggest contributor to the country’s GDP and is expected to hit the top spot over the next two years, as more and more companies realise the opportunities to be had through offshore services.

Here’s a list of the top five roles companies are recruiting, and hiring for.


Sales support

Sales people should be out selling but often they land up doing administrative work, what if you could take that off their hands? These are some tasks that sales support personnel can focus on; cleaning up CRM records, confirming appointments and contact details, creating lead lists, managing BDMs’ calendars, sending reminders and following up on appointments.


Digital marketing

If you think social media is a fad then think again. It’s not going anywhere, and if you’re not on board, you’re losing out – big time. But success through this medium can often be intangible and many businesses can’t justify the expense of hiring a Digital Marketing Manager. Outsourced talent can help you with content development, managing social media strategies and calendars, and developing and maintaining eDM campaigns.


Data entry

Data entry can be really time consuming, and building an offshore data entry team could be the answer to all your problems! Instead of redesigning all your internal processes or investing in new software or computer systems, you can get a team to do it for you.


Graphic design

If content is king, then design is his queen. Nothing sharpens and refreshes a brand more than clean design. Tasks outsourced teams can help with include editing video, creating eDM templates, designing anything from logos to labels to flyers, brochures and websites.



If you’re looking for skilled accountants the Philippines is the place to go. The right candidate can help you excel at invoicing customers, paying bills, cash flow reporting, payroll, financial planning and forecasting and reconciling receipts. These are all time consuming tasks that given away will free up your time.

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