Why You Should be Using Video in Your Recruitment Strategy


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Technology is evolving and companies must find innovative and effective tactics to keep up with the war on talent. As more and more employers move into the digital age, they are leveraging the benefits of complementing their HR strategies with a marketing mindset.

Video has long been favoured over static images for promoting a product or service. As technology changes and the digital age allows for innovative progression, businesses are using social media platforms to maximise the benefits of video brand marketing to recruit top talent. Video gives the organisation a chance to tell its story and bring the culture and brand to life.

The video promotes your company

To attract talent, you have to showcase your company culture and provide a working experience that no other company can. A company culture that is associated with loyalty, progression, positivity and putting its employees first will be favoured over the competitors.

Video offers organisations the chance to increase brand recognition and showcase what it is really like to work there. Your current employees are your biggest ambassadors and when candidates observe cohesion, positive engagement and inspirational leadership, they will be attracted to the positive values of the company.

Attract the right candidates

A recruitment video that is on brand and projects a positive experience will attract candidates whose values and goals are aligned, and filter out those who are not a good fit. When a candidate has a virtual insight into the company and role, they will have a better understanding of expectations which will ultimately lower the turnover of dissatisfied employees.

Connect with your audience

A video is a human connection that evokes emotion and shows that you are more than a faceless organisation.

The millennials and their successors grew up around technology. Everything is on demand, digestible and engaging. Emerging talent is receptive to an appealing and innovative approach that is a reflection of the progressive company they would like to work for. Candidates want the process to be seamless and efficient – video will allow them to screen multiple organisations before applying.

A video is an opportunity to evoke emotion and leave a lasting impression. Integrating video into your recruitment strategy allows you to connect with your audience in ways that are lost to the written advert.

Video Interviewing

Video interviewing has become an integral acquisition strategy. Employers can screen a number of candidates to see if they are the right ‘fit’ which helps expedite the recruitment process, cut costs and reduce the time impact of hiring managers. It also benefits the overall candidate experience.

Deployed is one of many businesses harnessing the benefits of using live video during the interview process. As an outsourcing provider who helps businesses all over the world with digital marketing staffing solutions, we see the importance of using innovative and effective means to attract top talent.

Deployed can help your business to gain the digital exposure that is necessary to keep up in changing markets. Whether you are looking for one social media manager or a remote team of marketing and communications specialists, Deployed can offer outsourcing solutions so your company can keep up and compete against the larger organisations.

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