Value Your Time: How to Get the Most Out of Your Day


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In business, the old saying ‘time is money’ is as true today as in the past. If anything, it is truer today, as we are constantly on the go and moving from one task to the next, with no breaks.

However, this does not mean we are using our time wisely. In order to get maximum value for your time, you need to take appropriate steps to ensure you are not wasting too much time on tasks that do not directly impact your business’ success.

Break down the tasks

Chances are your to-do list is constantly growing and every time one fire is put out another arises. The key to maintaining control of this growing list will be your ability to take a step back and simplify the tasks.

For many, the ability to break down large, complex tasks into smaller ones is the key to time management. Successful business owners who are able to take their upcoming tasks and break them down are putting themselves in a better position to move through the individual elements of a task seamlessly. Ensuring that the task is completed in a timely manner and without little stress or disruption.  

Learn to priorities

However, you organise your schedule or move through your to-do list, it is important you learn how to prioritise your time. When you run a business, everything may feel like it is a priority one task. The simple truth is, not everything is.

Every business is different, and with that, every business will have different priorities. For some businesses, they priorities deadlines over quality, ROI over cost or brand image, it all depends on your goals. So learn to structure your schedule in a manner that allows you to work through tasks in order of importance.

Do not be afraid to expand

For the majority of business owners and entrepreneurs, one of the hardest decisions they will face is when to ask for a helping hand. But trust us, if you want to make the most out of your time, you will need to let go of control, eventually. Even though growing your team can be scary, it proves you are doing something right!

It is important to understand that when you employ more staff, you are lightening your load. This not only gives you more time to focus on growing the business but also guarantees the tasks will be fulfilled in full, something you may have been failing to do. Whether you decide to build a remote team with Deployed or hire locally, letting go of certain aspects within the business is a good sign.

Think long-term

One of the common issues we tend to get ourselves into is focusing on the short-term when we should be looking at the big picture. While it is inevitable that day-to-day tasks will need to be completed or urgent issues may arise, having an understanding of your long-term goal will allow you to sharpen your focus and improve your decision making.

Take the time to regularly review your business’ goals, direction and strategies. Think long-term, three to five-years time and develop KPIs or actions that if achieved, will lead you to success. Then regularly block out time to work towards these goals and hold yourself accountable.

Take a step back

Growing a business is no small feat. In fact, it is something to be extremely proud of and celebrated. However, during the normal grind of growing the business, we can often lose sight of the accomplishments and milestones we’ve reached.

If you ever find yourself in a rut or struggling with a lack of direction, take a step back. Look at your achievements and take a minute to reflect. Take a walk, review your past strategies or even speak to an old mentor, just reflect.

This is a great way to remind yourself what you are working for and where you are heading. These little breaks will hopefully allow you to collect your thoughts and push forward with maximum efficiency.

Small wins

Lastly, sometimes we need something to kick-start our day or get us in the swing to work through our to-do list. Instead of trying to work through a large, complex task, start your day or week with something that is fairly easy.

This could simply be organising your schedule, answering all your emails or having a staff meeting. But by starting with a ‘small win’ you will hopefully get in a motivated mood, allowing you to work with ease and efficiency.

We all find ourselves struggling to maximise our time some days. But, it is important we have steps that allow us to refocus back. Each person will be different, however, the above are a few strategies that you can mould to your situation.

At Deployed, we understand that growing a business is not always easy. That is why we strive to build you a remote team that is capable of making a real difference in your business’ future. If you would like to discover how outsourcing with Deployed can help your business, get in touch today.

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