Warning signs that you’re not with the right offshore partner: Insights from an entrepreneur


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As our mission is to be the preferred offshore partner for businesses globally, we recently had the opportunity to connect with Paul, an existing client of Deployed, who encountered several challenges with his previous offshore partner. Paul’s team, which has now grown to 40 customer service representatives, made the transition to Deployed in December 2023 amidst tight timelines and challenging circumstances.

Paul’s previous offshore provider’s shortcomings had a significant negative impact on his staff, leading to decreased productivity, increased turnover, and overall disappointment. The sudden need to relocate his staff left him fearful of making another detrimental decision that would further burden his team. However, he firmly believed that investing three times as much would result in a significant improvement in their work-life situation.

Determined to make a positive change, Paul sought a partner who shared his commitment to his team’s well-being. In Deployed, he found not only a reliable service provider but also a team dedicated to building strong partnerships, prioritising staff welfare, and delivering exceptional results.

5 months later, we took the opportunity to catch up with Paul and gain insights into his experience with Deployed. This article aims to delve into how Deployed supports businesses facing similar dilemmas as Paul’s, helping them regain momentum and achieve optimal success by choosing the right partner.

Warning signs that could suggest you’re in the wrong hands when it comes to offshoring

1. Overpromising and under delivering: Beware of grand promises that fall flat

Realistic expectations are key in offshoring partnerships, as grand promises often lead to disappointment. Paul’s previous offshore partner initially showed promise, but failed to deliver consistent results, leaving his staff’s well-being neglected. Realising the need for a change, Paul sought a partner who prioritises transparency and delivers on realistic expectations.

“One thing Angela (Deployed CCO) said to me that I’ll never forget is that ‘Nothing’s perfect and there will be a few speed bumps along the way’. I waited for that ball to drop and three and a half months later it didn’t happen. Overall, it’s been a really seamless experience for me.”

Deployed stands out by embodying these values. With our deep expertise in workforce management, we navigate its complexities seamlessly. Our team of skilled professionals in account management, recruitment, human resources, IT, and finance ensures a smooth offshoring experience tailored to your business needs. We prioritise quality over grandiosity, striving to deliver exceptional services without overpromising.

“It’s seamless here, things  run smoothly. I’m elated, to be honest. Feels like I won the employment lottery because I’ve finally partnered with a good company.” 

2. Failure to comply with labour laws and mandatories: Protect your business and staff

Paul understands that the welfare of his staff is crucial for business success. From monthly incentives to government-mandated benefits, he strives to provide the best experience for his team. However, when his previous offshore provider failed to meet these expectations, he knew it was time for a change. In his search for a new offshore provider, he prioritised two key factors: compliance with local labour laws and a proficient team handling compensation and benefits.

“I feel as if I failed my staff because I was too patient with the agency at the time, only to discover that all the monthly benefits and contributions hadn’t been paid to the staff.” 

That’s where Deployed comes in. Our commitment to ethical offshoring means building long-term partnerships based on trust, transparency, and fair practices. Our dedicated team ensures the provision of fair compensation that aligns with industry standards, coupled with competitive benefits. Moreover, we guarantee the timely and accurate disbursement of government-mandated benefits such as SSS, Philhealth, PAGIBIG, and withholding taxes. By upholding the highest standards, we ensure compliance for our global partners while fostering a positive and thriving work environment for their offshore teams.

3. Hidden costs and unclear pricing model: Don’t be fooled by the “too good to be true” trap

After facing a disappointing experience with his previous offshore partner, Paul became more mindful of important factors such as hidden costs and upfront discussions about fee structures. He realised that his decisions from day one of signing a contract could have long-term implications. Transparency in the pricing model became a top priority for him, understanding that unrealistically low costs might indicate dishonesty on the part of the offshore partner, leading to subpar performance, as he had recently encountered.

“ We went out to the market and started looking at different agencies, lots of agencies in fact, there’s hundreds of them. To be honest, I hadn’t heard of Deployed and I was all but there. What I liked about Deployed is it’s not small, but it’s not too big. It’s a right fit for us, from costs to the services… So, having gone from ready to sign from an agency, to Angela.” 

In this regard, our approach at Deployed resonated well with Paul. We initiate our partnerships with clients by conducting a strategic discovery phase, enabling us to gain a deep understanding of their business and tailor our proposal to their specific needs. We provide detailed estimates for engagement and management fees, ensuring that partners have access to skilled talent without incurring excessive financial burdens. Our focus is on delivering exceptional service and value-added benefits, fostering long-term partnerships that go beyond contractual obligations.

4. Neglecting your staff’s well-being: Your staff shouldn’t just come and go

Upon meeting the Deployed team, Paul immediately sensed the positive dynamics we foster with both our people and partners. We share our clients’ commitment to their staff while maintaining a client-centric approach and a strong organisational culture anchored in values and employee engagement. Our services go beyond mere offerings; our greatest asset lies in the exceptional individuals who drive our client’s success. They are professionals driven by determination, always striving to deliver nothing short of excellence.

“My attendance rate is so good, we can easily go for a week with 40 staff and have everybody turn up. I wish I discovered Deployed 18 months ago, it would have made my life a lot simpler and a lot easier.”

5. Lack of credibility through client testimonials: Trust the power of word of mouth

As the saying goes, your connections are your most valuable assets. It’s not about whether your offshore partner is a well-known industry giant or a smaller player. Paul discovered the perfect match with Deployed. They were just the right size, providing the ideal balance for their business growth and ensuring their staff received the necessary support to thrive in the offshore work landscape.

“You’ll always do a little bit of due diligence and speak to a variety of parties. We had looked at the other agencies and had verbal references from various staff that have worked at these agencies and they weren’t necessarily pretty. Whereas people that had worked at Deployed or are working at Deployed had glowing references.”

When faced with tight timelines and the daunting task of transitioning his team, Paul was relieved that he didn’t have to make all the decisions alone. He had ample resources to research the potential of Deployed. The success of Deployed’s clients speaks volumes about our achievements. We have a roster of satisfied clients who are willing to share their experiences and showcase case studies. This wealth of information makes it easier for Paul and businesses like his to determine whether choosing Deployed is the right decision to overcome their business challenges.

6. There’s disparity instead of alignment: Your process doesn’t actually improve but only worsen

During Paul’s interview, the standout aspect was his team’s consistent string of successes. It was truly heartwarming to witness a businessman like Paul overcome his doubts and place complete trust in his offshore partner, knowing that his team was in capable hands.

“My productivity has increased by around 160-170% due to a positive work environment. When you have a healthy and supportive environment, your staff thrives. I’m now reaping the rewards as they are performing exceptionally well.”

The best indicator of being with the right offshore partner lies in transparent communication, accurate reporting, and robust systems and processes implemented across various operational departments. Deployed’s commitment to ensuring Paul’s team had everything they needed on the ground, from dedicated work areas to state-of-the-art equipment and streamlined productivity and timekeeping tools, demonstrated their dedication to optimising workflows. The close alignment with on-site operations prevented any blindsiding surprises and enabled Paul and his team to achieve consistent increases in productivity and efficiency each month.

Choose the perfect offshoring partner for your success!

Offshoring is more than just getting the job done. It’s finding the right provider that will bring you to the top. With 8 years of experience, Deployed has consistently delivered outstanding offshoring services to numerous clients worldwide. We are dedicated to supporting your business growth and being your unwavering partner throughout your journey.

Say goodbye to warning signs from your offshore partner and embrace the partner that will drive your success forward.

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