What Do You Want From Your Outsourcing Partner?


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Within the Filipino BPO industry, the old saying ‘you get what you pay for’ is extremely accurate. With the marketplace more competitive than ever, there is definitely no shortage of options for businesses to choose from. However, this abundance of options does not necessarily guarantee you a successful outcome.

In our experience, we have noticed there are two clear directions businesses can go when choosing a BPO firm. Firstly, the ‘bums on seats’ firm, or secondly, a full-service partner.

However, before you start looking at outsourcing providers, it is important you understand exactly what your business wants to generate out of outsourcing. So that once you have a clear understanding, you will be able to search around and find a firm that is right for you.


The ‘bums on seats’ firms are exactly what they sound like. In my experience, these are the firms who are mainly concerned with getting as many employees in their offices as possible. Typically these firms operate using a seat leasing model. Although this model may be cheaper in the short-term it has the potential to open your business up to a number of issues down the road.

The major issue with these firms is that your employees are simply a number with a work workstation. The firms make very little effort getting to know your team and they definitely don’t have your business’ future in mind.

Businesses who partner with these firms typically struggle to build or translate the company culture within their remote team, thus, can struggle with underwhelming productivity. Ultimately, this leads to their remote team becoming unmotivated and unable to produce the results they desire. Obviously, this is a very unproductive system for a business, which has the potential to negatively impact their bottom line. But, it also opens the business up to losing their offshore employees to other businesses who operate from a better BPO provider.


However, full-service firms, such as Deployed, are concerned with much more than simply their headcount or monthly turnover. Generally, the main objective of these firms is to provide the highest quality service for your business and a positive and productive workplace for their employees.

In order for us to provide the platform you need to be successful, we must be concerned with much more than being profitable. This is reflected in everything we do here at Deployed, where we consider ourselves a partner in your business instead of an outsourcing provider.

Besides from running comprehensive recruitment campaigns that connect you with high-quality candidates, our approach is simple. We manage the day-to-day operations, so you can focus on building a quality remote team that will create results for your business.

This means providing a fully-equipped and modern office space, set up with high-quality IT and connectivity infrastructure and a dedicated area for your team. Regardless of what function your team performs, they will have the resources and space they require.

Full-serviced firms, also manage all of the general admin and HR tasks that come with hiring and managing an office. This includes all payroll, leave and onboarding tasks while ensuring your team remains compliant with all governmental rules and regulations. We understand the Filipino environment, so we are aware of the legal processes that need to be accounted for. Which if neglected, could result in hefty penalties.


While the formal aspects of outsourcing are important, I feel one of the keys to achieving tangible results is the human element full-service firms offer. Whether it is the personal account managers, who are dedicated to ensuring your team is running smoothly, by listening to your thoughts and concerns, are on call around the clock or helping you organise special treats for your team. Or, treating our staff and clients in a professional manner regardless of their position. This human touch is what could be the difference between a profitable remote department or an underperforming team with high turnover.


When businesses decide to outsource, they do so to relieve pressure on their local staff and to help their business grow. Achieving this goal is hard when the firm you choose is only concerned with their own business.

Unfortunately, there are firms out there who operate in this manner. In order to stay away from the ‘bums on seats’ firms, make sure you take your time to scope out several different firms. Ask them the tough questions, ask for references and visit the office (if possible). This will leave you in the best possible position to make an informed decision, instead of rushing into a nice website and flashy sales pitch.

If you are interested in outsourcing for your business, regardless of what stage in the process you are in, I would love to hear from you. So, get in touch today.

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