What is the value of working in an office?


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The physical workplace brings people together, helping to boost productivity, foster connection, and attract and retain top talent in your organisation.

The year 2023 has shown that the workplace is a lot more than just where people work. The workplace is a hub for connection, collaboration, and innovation. It’s a place where employees feel purpose and can connect to their work. It is a breeding ground for new friendships and meaningful, professional relationships. As businesses continue to navigate what the best return-to-office strategy is for them, we’ve put together a list of five key benefits of the workplace.

  1. Working in an office provides employees with a sense of purpose, belonging, and the opportunity to connect with colleagues who share a common goal

According to an Envoy survey, workplace friendships contribute significantly to a sense of belonging, with 60% of employees recognising their importance. In remote settings, where meetings often take place on mute and with cameras off, building this sense of acceptance can be challenging. That’s why having a physical office becomes crucial, as it facilitates meaningful face-to-face connections between employees. Being physically present in the office allows employees to observe and learn from their peers, gaining valuable insights and knowledge that positively impact their work. This exchange of ideas and experiences fosters a culture of continuous learning and growth, resulting in higher quality work and better solutions for clients’ needs.

  1. Working in an office improves productivity

Working in an office improves productivity. While it’s true that, on average, 13% of employees feel more productive when working from home, this isn’t the case for everyone. The physical workplace plays a significant role in enhancing productivity by facilitating information sharing and accessibility. In fact, 42% of employees have reported that the ability to access information quickly and easily in the office significantly boosts their productivity levels. Moreover, employees benefit from faster, more stable internet connections and facilities specifically designed to ensure productivity and create a work-conducive environment. The workplace becomes a driving force for many employees, as they find that the dedicated resources and infrastructure contribute to their overall productivity and success.

  1. Working in an office fosters collaboration

Studies have consistently shown that being in an office setting is much more conducive to collaboration compared to working from home. Research indicates that employees who work in an office spend 52% more time collaborating than those in full-time remote positions. While remote employees often work in isolation, hybrid and full-time onsite employees have the advantage of splitting their week between heads-down work, in-person collaboration, virtual collaboration, and socialising. This ability to fully utilise office equipment, and engage in in-person brainstorming sessions enables them to work together more effectively. The result is a workforce that embraces collaboration, leading to enhanced efficiency, innovative problem-solving, and increased productivity.

  1. Working in an office improves the onboarding experience

Working in an office improves the onboarding experience for new employees, leading to a shorter training or adjustment period. New hires who go through in-person onboarding have the advantage of direct interaction with their colleagues, which accelerates their understanding of job responsibilities, team dynamics, and client requirements. This shorter adjustment period enables them to become productive contributors to projects and initiatives more quickly. As a result, clients experience a faster return on investment as their newly on boarded employees are able to deliver results at an accelerated pace. The seamless integration into the office environment and the opportunity for direct collaboration and knowledge sharing allows new employees to hit the ground running, contributing to both the team’s success and the client’s satisfaction.

  1. Working in an office drives career growth for employees

According to At Work report, 96% of executives notice the work done in the office far more than the work done at home. Being physically present in the office can benefit employees by helping them get in front of senior leaders who can influence their career growth. The office environment enables employees to learn new skills by observing and learning from senior leaders’ actions and by seeking guidance from colleagues in areas where they may have less familiarity. 

The value of the workplace has changed. It’s now a space for everything you might not get at home or virtually: collaboration, creativity, productivity, culture, and celebration. And when you create a space that supports all of the above, you’ll actually get employees excited to choose the office over working from home.

At Deployed, we prioritise creating a conducive workspace for our clients’ offshore teams. Our offices are meticulously designed to foster collaboration among employees on-site and with their offshore counterparts. Located in the vibrant Ortigas Center, Pasig City, our prime location offers an ideal setting for productivity and growth. With state-of-the-art facilities, round-the-clock security for both your workforce and data resources, and advanced IT infrastructure, we ensure that your offshore team can perform at their peak. Our commitment lies in providing a workspace that facilitates seamless collaboration, encourages innovation, and empowers your offshore team to thrive.

In 2024, we have ambitious plans to further broaden our reach and increase our capacity to cater to even more clients. As part of this expansion, we are actively working on adding new offices with enhanced facilities. These new spaces will be tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients, providing customizations that ensure the perfect fit for you and your team.

Discover how we can fuel your growth in 2024 and beyond as your trusted offshore partner.

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