What to Do if a New Employee Does Not Meet Expectations


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Hiring right is crucial to good business, and when an employee does not meet expectations it can be easy to become frustrated. 

As a business leader, you need to take the right steps to understand why expectations are not being met. This applies even more so when working with offshore members of staff.

Find the cause of the problem

Identifying what caused the breakdown in communication is vital. Are you too familiar with your business that important details have been skipped? When presenting an idea to a new member of staff, the concepts behind the details of the job are important. 

Assuming employees are immediately on the same wavelength is detrimental to how they fit into the role. Recognise the information each employee needs for his or her specific role, and break everything down as needed. 

Make sure expectations are aligned 

When expectations aren’t being met, follow-up is everything. Letting things slide will only feed the issue. Communicating effectively to correct confused expectations can sometimes be all it takes to get things back on track.

Remember that not everyone absorbs information in the same way – so get an understanding of how they learn best and cater to that. They will appreciate the effort and give maximum effort in return. 

If problems are identified and expectations are set and your member of staff still isn’t coming up to par, a hard conversation will need to be had. Give your new employee several chances to rectify, but also have the confidence to know when someone isn’t the right fit for your business.

The best road for both your company, and the underperforming employee is to let them find other work. 

At Deployed 

In the Philippines, a 6 month probation period is standard practice. Within these first 6 months, we guide you through a 2 and 4 month review.

Culturally, these reviews are imperative to your relationship with staff. They identify issues early, motivate employees and keep communication open.

Our HR team are here to help you every step of the way with the process, ensuring your remote staff know exactly what to expect and can help you schedule in time to make sure goals are set and worked towards. Our HR team is also there for those difficult conversations if things aren’t working out. 

Understand the benefits of an extended offshore team with Deployed today and contact one of our team today.

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