What You Need to Consider when Outsourcing


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Outsourcing is a truly amazing tool. If undertaken properly and with a quality outsourcing partner, it has the power to help your business disrupt your industry and gain a sizeable competitive edge on your competitors. But if outsourcing is going to make a positive impact on your business, here is what you need to consider before pulling the trigger.

The quality of work

As you are looking into outsourcing and investigating whether it is the right tool for your business or not, it is only natural for the quality of work to be a major concern.

In the past, outsourcing was mostly used for low skilled roles, such as admin or basic customer service. However, businesses are now using outsourcing for highly-skilled, complex roles which they are not able to fulfil locally.

With the growth of the Philippine BPO industry, which is saturated with highly skilled and educated candidates, businesses no longer need to worry about the quality of work produced by their team. Especially when you outsource with Deployed, as we take the time to source candidates that we guarantee are capable of exceeding your expectations.

Realistic expectations

Outsourcing is like any other part of your business. To achieve success, you need a plan of attack and established processes to help you achieve the desired results.

While we use our extensive recruitment network to source and recruit top Filipino talent, the impact they have may be limited by your expectations or infrastructure you provide them with.

We highly recommend investing a decent amount of time and energy into designing a sound onboarding process for your remote staff. By implementing these structures and having clear, realistic expectations your new remote team will have the platform they need to succeed.

Communication and IT infrastructure

In the past businesses may have shied away from outsourcing due to concerns around communication and IT. However, over the past 10 years, the advancements in these two spaces have connected every corner of the globe.

Businesses, no longer have to worry about communicating or collaborating with their remote team. Our current clients are always connected to their remote teams due to our modern IT infrastructure and network.

On a very minor scale, the only way your business may be affected by communication difficulties is due to differences in timezones. However, this tends to work in your favour. With the Philippines being between four-five hours behind Australia and New Zealand, the difference in timezones actually increases your business operating hours.

Your local staff

One thing to keep in mind while you establish a remote team is the reaction and attitude of your local team. For outsourcing to be a success, it is important you get buy-in from them.

In our experience, we believe the best way to do this, is, to be honest with your local staff. Reassure them that the purpose of outsourcing is to improve and grow the business, by either outsourcing tasks or roles that you can not fill locally or to manage time-consuming back-of-house tasks that are clogging up their time.

Once they see that your remote team will help them do their job better, chances are they will embrace your new remote team with open arms.

The provider

Lastly, particularly here in the Philippines, there are countless outsourcing provides to pick from. However, not all are built the same. In fact, there is a lot of smoke and mirrors around the industry.

To avoid the costly mistake of outsourcing with a company that either does not have the resources or capabilities you need or are simply in it for a monthly fee, make sure you do your due diligence. We strongly recommend taking the time to choose your outsourcing partner. Survey the market, seek opinions from businesses who are outsourcing and go visit potential providers.


Outsourcing should be seen as an investment in the future success of your business. Thus it needs to be treated like that. And, like all big decisions, it should not be taken lightly. In our opinion, you should seek a business partner, not simply an outsourcing provider. Someone who will take a vested interest in your business success.

That is exactly the approach we take. At Deployed, we want to support your business’ growth, not simply fill seats in our office. Our main priority is to build a remote team that is effective, efficient and profitable.

We work alongside you to create the remote operations you need to succeed, both in the short and long term. Whether you need a small admin team or a large team of experienced industry professionals, we can source, recruit and house the candidates you need.

If you would like to find out more about Deployed and our approach to outsourcing, get in contact now.

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