The Why and How to Building a Strong Workplace Culture


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Building a workforce that is comprised of capable and motivated staff members is fairly tough in today’s climate. Gone are the day’s when employees would stay for the majority of their working life due to a decent pay packet and stable working conditions.

Nowaday’s it is important for companies to offer a wider range of benefits if they are to attract and retain top talent. Top of the list for most employees is the company culture they are part of. An inclusive, motivated and empowered culture is something that all businesses should aim to create.

Why workplace culture is important

The key to creating a positive culture throughout your company is to understand the impact this culture will have on your employees’ productivity, desire to be at work and ultimately your bottom line. We believe there are three key reasons why culture is critical to your success.

Firstly, it will be easier to attract and retain top talent within your market. The type of culture you create will largely determine if this is possible or not. Candidates want to work for a company where they feel valued and empowered to make a difference, not a toxic one.

Secondly, culture is an extremely strong motivator for your employees and thus will have a massive impact on the quality of work they are willing to produce. The happier your employees are, the more prepared they will be to go above and beyond for the business. If this is the case, the outcomes are only going to be more beneficial for the business’ future bottom line and will hopefully trickle down to other employees.

Lastly, as a result of the above, your business will be better positioned to exceed its goals and mission. Remember, as the leader of the business, you can only achieve so much. You will need all of your employees to be on the same page and moving in the same direction. This is made easier by providing a culture that encourages everyone to buy in.  

How you can achieve this culture

There are countless methods that you can implement into your day-to-day operations to build the type of culture you desire. Everything from your office layout to your social activities through to your performance review processes will have an impact on your environment.

From our experience in building successful remote teams, these are the most successful practices for building the right culture for your business.

Performance reviews – the majority of your employees are bound to leave or look elsewhere else if they feel unappreciated or do not know where they stand within the company. To avoid this, implement regular performance reviews.

Performance reviews are an excellent way to gauge their abilities, evaluate their performance, foster buy-in and emphasise your commitment to their growth.

Career development opportunities – a major aspect of retaining your best employees is your ability provide them with opportunities to progress in their career. A good culture is one that does not limit an employee’ potential growth with a glass ceiling.

Provide them with opportunities and the motive to improve and gain new skills. Whether this is the opportunity to learn or hone skills, increased responsibilities, a mentor or simply improving their facilities will demonstrate your commitment to helping them progress in their career.

Two-way communication – communication between management and employees can often be tricky or negative. So to limit the effect this has on your culture, establish clear lines of communication between yourself and your staff. In the early stages, make it clear that they are able to come to you with any issues, thoughts or improvements that need to be made. And then reinforce this as often as possible.

Peer-to-peer feedback – let’s face it, in most cases employees will be interacting and communicating on a daily basis regarding projects or workloads. So you need to encourage constructive and productive feedback loops between your team members.

Employees will have a different perspective on how individuals are contributing to projects, affecting workloads and affecting the overall atmosphere in the office. By encouraging your staff to share and be open to constructive criticism, chances are they will be more likely to strive to produce high-quality work.

As your company grows and experiences its natural ups and downs, it is important you take the time to actively monitor and foster a positive culture that encourages your staff to go the extra mile. Whether in your local office or your remote one, the culture you are able to create will have a massive impact on the sort of talent you are able to attract and retain, and as a result the performance of your company.

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