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Small business owners will know the burdening costs and frustrations of having to dedicate a significant portion of their working day to mundane tasks and HR. Bookkeeping, administration, accounting and payroll are all tasks that need to be performed for a functioning business but can be time consuming for the owner, or a costly salary should they expand their domestic team.

When you hire an employee or small team, HR functions will need to be adhered to. Unlike larger businesses, small companies may be owner operated and not have the resources to run a HR department so the tasks are usually left to the owner or untrained employees. This is not only detrimental for the business operations but to the morale and productivity of the staff. An increasingly popular option is to outsource administrative tasks to professionals with an in-house HR team to free up time, concentrate on core competencies and focus on what generates money for the business.

When you outsource with Deployed, we take care of all the HR functions including but not limited to:

  • Managing the hiring process
  • Administration and payroll
  • Ensure employees receive all mandatory benefits including sick leave and annual leave
  • Time keeping
  • Induction and staff performance plans at your request
  • Completion of termination papers
  • Hands on support for your new team member as well as your local adviser helping you with any concerns you have your end.


It is beneficial for small to medium sized businesses to outsource some or all their business functions to a fully trained and experienced consultant than pay a full salary to an employee who may not have the necessary skills.

From the hiring process and throughout the whole experience, we will take care of all HR functions; Your new team member will be an employee of Deployed however they will work solely for you and your company. We will take the time to understand your goals and work with you to achieve your desire result. Contact us to find out how outsourcing with Deployed will save money and reduce operating expenses without the worry.

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